The prices for escort services in Malta

The prices for escort services in Malta

Let's start with the fact that initially an escort is spending her private time with a client in order to receive something of value in return. And you should agree in advance what escort services you want to receive while spending an intimate time with her. Escort without intimacy is a myth, this does not happen. Maybe only in very rare cases, if the client is drunk, does not want anything and he is only drawn to talk - then it will turn out without intimacy. We all know that there are three major escort segments. But we'll talk about our escort website. Firstly, for a long time, well-known escort sites are not just dating sites.

The girls work there with different type of clients. They post their photos and prices, enter their personal details and wait for one of the heroes to pay attention to them. Still, I would like to stop at the point-cost. After all, not all of us understand by what standards, these girls regard themselves. All Maltese escort girls have different current rates for their services. Usually, the payment takes place by the hour. Prices start from two hours, then up to four, and then usually for a night or a day. Of course, the price depends on the girl. Someone wants to work more often and sells her services at a lower price, and someone less often, but at a higher price. It all depends on how the Maltese girl knows how to please her client. Let's look at the most important points on how they are actually making their price.

The appearance of a Maltese escort girl

To please a man, girls should always be well-groomed, beautiful and sexy. The client should really feel that a call girl worth his time. Usually girls know how much they worth from their personal experience with many clients. Their prices will always depend by their athletic or slim figure, their large breasts, lips, hair color, height etc.

Competence of a call girl

There are probably many things that can be included in this section. Such as education, hobbies and languages that an escort girl knows. Perhaps some of the escorts are limited to short meetings in a formal setting, and some girls are savvy enough to accompany men at business meetings or conferences. Naturally, such an escort girl may have more demand. And of course, it all depends on your choice.

List of services provided by escort ladies

You can see a huge difference between the cost of spending time together with a luxury escort and regular prostitute. And there are also additional services that will already be included in the extra payment. For example, if you are interested in having fun with duo escort girls or you want kinky escort services. We advise you to always discuss your fantasies in advance, since each girl has her own individual price for each service.

Escort girls perform medical check ups regularly

Perhaps an important point. This is one of the reasons why escort services may seem more expensive to you. Well, let’s think a while that a call girl takes risks every day. And if the girl is not treated, she will create a risk for the whole society. Statistics show that escort girls are most likely to be exposed to diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. Since all tests and analyses are not a low-cost procedure, call girls charge for their daily risk.

Sexual experience of Maltese girls

All girls are beautiful in their own way. But unfortunately, men are ready to pay only for the most beautiful call girls. Many influential people who visit Malta want to have a escort girl Malta which looks like a fashion model, or sometimes even a gentle touching inexperienced girl. Or a sexy and experienced escort. While experienced escort girls set their own rates, new call girls who feel a little more unexperienced or unsure of how much they really should charge may have a lower price for their services than those girls who are already experienced in this profession. Therefore, it is up to you to decide if you would like an unexperienced or experienced girl, but keep in mind that prices will vary depending on your choice. If the price seems high to you, do not rush to tell the escort girl that you're not interested. After all, maybe she knows what she is capable of and therefore offers such a price. Perhaps you may not find another special companion like her. It's better to think about everything carefully and then decide to say yes or no. Everything will depend on your answer anyway.

What escort ladies like to dress in

One of the important components of the appearance of an escort girl is clothing. Escorts Malta should have a special approach to choosing outfits, since the specifics of the profession involves attending various events with a strict dress code. She needs to match the status and level of the customer, so as not to embarrass the client in front of other influential people. Let's look at what kind of wardrobe a Maltese escort girl should have. The call girl is not a flight attendant, she does not need a uniform. Having looked at her appearance, no one should have any questions. The main thing is anonymity and confidentiality. Clients do not just want, but demand that the girls look beautiful and as decent as possible, without any identification marks and special signs.

Casual outfits

Clothes should be chosen based on their meeting scenario. It's silly to go on safari in a dress and sandals or to come to a summer cafe in a floor-length evening dress. You need to specify in advance where the date will take place. Clothes should emphasize all the advantages of the figure as much as possible and hide flaws. At the same time, an escort girl can be sexy, but at the same time not vulgar. Men are tired of strong and independent women in trousers and jeans, they want to spend time exclusively with cute and gentle girls.

Evening dresses

They will definitely be needed to go "out". These can be receptions, routs, parties, and just trips to theaters and restaurants. There should be several chic evening dresses, so as not to become familiar to the crowd in the same outfit. Sometimes clients are generous and give the girls branded clothes to wear to a meeting. The dress should be really expensive, stylish and beautiful, as there will be many different women at the party who are well versed in fashion.

Classic costumes

A couple of suits will definitely come in handy for meetings with businessmen. Such clients usually have very little time, and therefore they like to meet girls in the most unexpected places, literally on the job. They love to take escorts to business meetings, conferences and business breakfasts, where in between business they chat sweetly and make plans for the evening. Paying attention to all these points, you can understand what you want, but also what the escort girl is waiting for. If she doesn't have enough money, she won't be able to come to you the way you want her to be. Therefore, this point is also important.

The best locations to go with escort girls in Malta

Here you can notice such a point, depending on where the call girl is located, in which city? And where does she rent an apartment? In the city center or on the island? Its price will vary.
Another important point is where do you prefer to meet her? If you leave the choice to her or choose it yourself, it will be included in the extra payment. Or, depending on the place, she can tell you her price. Let's look at a few such meeting places.


Many of the tourist hotels in Malta are not very welcoming to guests who bring their escort girls here. If you do not order a secretive escort or a top-class Malta escort, then the security of the hotel may notice the difference, then you may be reprimanded, and you will have to look for another hotel. What we advise you is to go to a hotel that serves more business guests of the city than those that are family-run international hotels. Sit in a bar, and relatively quickly it will become obvious to you that you will not have any problems here as such.

Night clubs

You can also add night clubs to your meeting list. Just keep in mind that most Maltese nightclubs have strict dress codes, and you will have to wear chic clothes. Some are even more picky about their clientele and do not allow guests who cause them doubts. If you are not allowed into the club, it is better not to get into quarrels and just try your luck elsewhere. From above, I tried to list the main two places where meetings most often take place. We will also consider other places with fantasies. Probably someone is already tired of meeting and filming an escort girl in such places, let's consider more expensive options.

Exotic places

It is relevant if there is an opportunity to agree with an escort girl on a field date. It is not necessary to fly far. It is enough to choose a place where it is hot, there is a sea and diving. Of course, I'm not talking about business support right now. We are talking about a weekend or vacation, when you can spend time not quite usual in a public place or on one of the sunny coasts of the world. So, we suggest trying to invite a companion on a date in an exotic place. It is important that the water is warm, because wetsuits do not fit into the erotic rendezvous plan.
It can be noticed that such a date will not cost cheap and the girl will also spend a good price for a few days.

Places where you can fulfill your fantasies


A famous place that causes boredom only if you go there alone. In the company of a VIP escort girl in Malta, the book depository will turn into a grotto of seduction and intimate seduction. In order not to spoil the effect of surprise, do not open the destination of the place for a date in advance.

The Tomb

Gloomy? But it's not boring. When there is no strength to see the same interiors of clubs, halls, restaurants, when the soul asks for something special, a tomb for a date with a call girl as an option deserves consideration.

Public transport

Do you want to be original? Do not invite an escort girl to the salon of an expensive car. It's banal and predictable for you and for her. You can have fun and have a relaxed time on public transport.

Cinema or theater

What kind of romance would you like? Not so new and unusual, but nevertheless, it is also not boring at all. Why not remember your teenage years and buy tickets to the last row of the cinema? Maltese escort girls will be happy to support any of your initiatives.

Trains or subways?

Another fantasy for those who adore intimate meetings in crowded places. When there are not enough thrills and you want something spicy, invite call girl to ride. Train or subway - choose what you like best. The main thing is to think about how to entertain a lady and what you would expect from her. We tried to give a few examples and make it clear why the prices are not the same or why one call girl is more expensive than another. This guide will be able to help you to choose exactly what you want, and of course for what you have enough to pay. After all, as you have already understood, an escort girl does not put a price only on her services, it also depends on time, location, of what you want to see her in, and for what kind of event you want.