Professional relationship between a client and a Maltese escort girl

Professional relationship between a client and a Maltese escort girl

I want to note that not every man becomes a client of an escort girl. But sooner or later, everyone can become one at a certain point in life. Perhaps today many people believe that only abnormal men can do such a thing. But unfortunately, people do not understand that there is such an understanding as a degenerating relationship.
As we all already know, there is equality between the two sexes, but some men do not want to understand or accept this. And they are the ones who become call girls' clients.

All ordinary girls, including an escort girl, want to believe in great love. But the past can make itself felt at any moment. Envious well-wishers will prick their eyes with facts from their former life at every conflict, pester, will remember the rich experience of the escort girl. Therefore, we have already mentioned that all relationships should be kept secret, and no one should know about what kind of relationship you have the professional one or not.

First of all, lets say that all men are using a call girl not only for sex. Perhaps there are some customers who want to spend a lot of free time on a romantic kind of relationship: go to a movie, a restaurant or just take a walk. After all, it's always nice to just chat or cuddle with your beloved woman without any sexual overtones. But it already depends on what you want at the moment.
In general, everyone independently invests their own meaning: someone hires a Maltese escort girl for sex, and someone in order to feel that someone cares about him. If a person is interested exclusively in sex pleasures, then, indeed, it is much easier to spend money on call girl and get what you want.

According to statistics, escort girls in 12-15% of cases marry their client. Researchers say that about 50% of marriages in such cases have a really happy end.
Most call girls believe that it is better not to marry a client. They argue that the client should not know the past of the Maltese escort girl, and it would be good to start a relationship beautifully with courtship. This opinion dominates. Also, girls have fear, problems may arise when children begin to appear. Therefore, escort girls at the end of their work do not tell anyone about their past.

It also happens that call girls combine work as an escort and personal relationships with guys. But this is rather an exception to the rule.
Working for several years in the field of escort services, it happened that the girls met the "dream man" among the regular customers. Perhaps in another life escort girls would have done everything possible to be near these men. But in such circumstances, they are not allowed to cross the line by moral principles. They have thoughts of offering to meet outside of work. But the main reason not to go for such an offer is the monetary side.
Girls who are working in escort services take a vacation 4 times a year. During this period, escort ladies are looking for a kind spirit among males. This gives relief to her psychological state. Rich or popular is not obligatory, the main criterion is a person close in spirit.
67% of the surveyed escort girls noted that dating for the purpose of having an affair did not bring satisfaction. Usually men wanted the same thing as the clientele, but absolutely for free.

Who is the main clientele of escort girls? Oh, no, these are not old people trying to make an impression for themselves in the eyes of the public. The main clients are wealthy family people from 30 to 50 years old who know the value of money and are willing to pay for a romantic date with a guaranteed outcome. They are not interested in official brothels and they are not interested in sex as a purely mechanical process – they want to communicate (whatever this word includes) with a lively, beautiful and intelligent girl.

What is the relationship between a client and an escort girl? What does a man want? How should you stay and maintain a professional relationship? And what categories of men exist, we will tell in this blog.

Married and afraid of permanent relationships outside the family

A lot of clients, including married ones, as we know, turn to escort services. But this category of clients is usually very hidden, and it's really hard to get to them. They will overcome a serious barrier. Usually, such a category of men has a great sexual desire to try something new, which their spouses may refuse. Then over time they have to turn to escort websites. For such categories of men, relationships usually remain professional, since they do not really want to leave the family, but they cannot deny themselves sexual demands with the Maltese call girl.
Why did I start with this category? We still advise each of our clients to stay in a professional relationship between them and an escort girl. Statistics showed that such relationships did not end well, and very few remained in long happy relationships.

Most live without a life partner

Statistics show that there are about 63% of such customers. This category includes both bachelors and divorcees. Such a typical client is not afraid of women. They have already discovered the world of women, although many explain their fear of women on a date with an escort girl. They complain that they are not understood and do not provide what they want.
Such clients can become let to say permanent clients. They will get used to one escort girl and most likely will be with her. Will it turn into a novel? You can bet 50-50.
It all depends on how you and the escort girl will put themselves. Maltese escort girls usually do not stream to romance and understand that this is a type of work. Therefore, we advise you to keep everything on a professional level.

Interested in pornography

There is also such a category of men who discover the female body in every detail through films. Usually, such erotic films put an emphasis on male satisfaction not on female s one. And the heroine always plays the role of invariably accessible. Something that customers just like.
This is usually how Maltese escort girls see themselves. Therefore, a lot of customers want to experience what they saw in films. Usually such a category of men is not interested in romance and in the duration of any relationship. They are only for the sake of fulfilling their desires and getting a full buzz.

Incapable of an equal relationship

As I mentioned above, there is a category of men who like to appear superior and do not recognize equality. They are confused by the behavior of all women and the fact that they become clients of escort girls. Nostalgic for the past, they recall the times when girls were in conditions of submission.
This category of men is just looking for an escort girl who will obey him for the night, or for a day, or for a few days. This category of men is in no hurry to have affairs. They are already accusing girls, and it will not be difficult for them to accuse a call girl.
Such a category of men simply needs to speak out, so we will advise an escort girl who will be able to listen to you and will not bother you and ask for something more.

Those who always wants sex

Perhaps this applies to men who are unable to overcome momentary desire. I need it right now. Such clients are programmed only for their desire. They are looking for Maltese escort girls just to have fun. Very few of these clients will want a romantic relationship.

Sex with Maltese escort girls without obligations

This category of men considers escort girls more honest than ordinary women. They like to say that sex with a call girl will cost much cheaper than an affair with a” decent" girl. They got it into their heads that a girl can't fall in love with them just like that, but always for something. She definitely needs material confirmation of high spiritual impulses - cafes, perfumes, holidays in the Maldives. These unfortunate men could not understand that feelings need to be proved not by money, but by signs of attention. It's easier for them to buy sex and cry to escort girls than to try to build human relationships.

Psychological support from a call girl

Often, those men who come to call girls do not want to get sex from them, but rather the attention that their wives, busy with children and careers, deprive them of. Naturally, you can find a mistress and get the same thing from her, only for free, but the problem is that not every girl wants to have an affair with a married man. Therefore, having no other way out, representatives of the stronger sex go in search of an escort girl.

I would like to note that if you only need sex from a relationship, then, indeed, it is somehow easier and may even be cheaper with escort girls if you look for places (although in the process of building a relationship in a strategic perspective, sex will be cheaper than going to a call girl). Therefore, before applying to escort services, you should think carefully about everything. So that you don't regret anything later.

When a girl already works in the field of escort services, there are concerns. The most common fear is to lose the sensuality of sex with your client. But more experienced maintainers understand that these are just concerns. In fact, intimacy with a client and with a lover are completely different things. Where in the first case it is a purely mechanical action that pays well.

Still, there are many reasons why a relationship that begins in a professional context between an escort girl and her client is doomed from the beginning. For example, if we consider the relationship of even one client and an escort girl. Maltese girls are always young, beautiful, smart and funny. The client can easily start to has feelings for such an escort girl - Malta Escort

Clients can meet with a call girl for several weeks, and really enjoy the time. And then to offer something more than just sex. It is necessary to remember that not all escort girls will give up work for the sake of a relationship. And they may refuse it.
Let's face it, very often jealousy becomes a factor.
And she understands perfectly well that a man who wants to be with her will forbid her to work and meet other men.
A lot of men cannot put up with the work of an escort girl, so we do not advise you to start any kind of relationship on the side. You're going to hurt yourself.
You should always remember that you met with a call girl on the escorts website and not on a traditional dating site. What do you expect?
Jealousy should not present at all in such a relationship. You just have to measure yourself and know what you're going for.

After all, to have a relationship with an escort girl, you need a special man. But if you look at it from the other side the escort lady, is a special type of woman too.
In a relationship with an escort girl who is offering escort services, a man can take advantage of everything what they have. A man can talk about problems that he simply cannot talk about with every woman.
Escort girls are sex experts. A man can prepare for the fact that his mind will be blown up by a woman who has practically no sexual prohibitions. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with such a woman?
Otherwise, the fantasy must remain a fantasy. They are better than reality. They were never meant to become reality.