Most Inventive Roleplay Scenarios to Enjoy with Escorts

Most Inventive Roleplay Scenarios to Enjoy with Escorts

Roleplay has been a central aspect of sex since always, as imagination is what drives people to intense sexual experiences. The Internet has indeed provided a huge space for all types of roleplay, but many people still hesitate to turn their fantasy into reality in their own personal lives.

Escorts might be your solution, especially if your current or previous partners were not open to the idea. Read this article for roleplay suggestions, Maltese escorts to help you turn them reality and some insights into this often-taboo subject.

Why is Roleplay such a Common Sex Fetish?

In most cases, people just want to escape their mundane lives, and sex offers a fascinating way to do just that. Pretending to be someone else will also open up a space where you could express desires that you didn’t feel comfortable communicating before.

Personally, I don't think that roleplay should be an activity that you engage in daily, as it requires extra time, effort from both parties and a solid amount of focus and clear head space. Nonetheless, booking an Escort once in a while and trying out your personal favourite roleplay fantasy, or even trying a different one every time, is my top suggestion.

Most Popular Roleplay Scenarios that Men Like

Professor/Student: Men have their highest libido levels when they are attending school, around the age of 13 – 18. During the same period, boys also start exploring their sexuality, which often results into a crash with their teachers. Such factors have greatly contributed to unmet fantasies about engaging in sex with your old teachers or a teacher in general. This is where Maltese escorts come into play, by building this roleplay scenario with them.

Striper: Movies and books have always idealized the experience that a man can get in a strip club, where the sassy stripper will make them horny – while never satisfying their urges. Lingerie, dance and intense make-up cut the trick for most, while the toned bodies and sexy curves make almost every man horny. Yes, you can attend a strip club to satisfy this fantasy but booking an Escort to have her play this role will also end up with some good old sex!

Nurse: The submissive element that is apparent in the relation between nurses and patients has always been a common fetish amongst men. It doesn't matter if you are into a sexy doctor or a nurse that wears an open shirt, a Maltese escort would be able to make your dream come true.

Secretary: Although most men don’t have a sexy secretary, the majority of us would love it. Having someone tender and caring by your side all day, submitting to all your requests and satisfying all your needs sounds like you? Without the need for a monthly salary, a Maltese escort could become your secretary for a whole night.

Policewoman: At this point, you must have noticed that positions of power occupied by women tend to be common amongst roleplaying scenarios. A sexy policewoman, who is also fierce, tends to be amongst the personalities that most men want to have sex with. A fitting uniform, sexy glasses, the right curves and handcuffs are all the equipment you need for the perfect policewoman roleplay.

Long Distance: Many people get aroused by looking at someone else pleasing themselves, which is a common occurrence in long-distance relationships. Such a roleplay might be your best choice during Covid, where you could book a video call with an escort, where you can pretend to be partners that live far.

How to Decide on Your Next Roleplay

Roleplay in sex is something you slowly become good at, as it requires quite some acting skills.

The easiest part would be to pretend you are someone else, a man from a different country or background, someone with different financial condition, alternative urges and desires or someone who is going through a phase. Such roles will allow you to open up about new things that you could enjoy in sex, by removing the "I" from the personal act. Such a roleplay requires different behaviour only and maybe a bit different clothes, so it should not require a lot of preparation and time.

Alternatively, you could pick one fantasy from the ones that we discussed on the previous part, which tend to be the ones that most men and women enjoy. If you don't feel that this is you, then you can also consider the following roleplay scenarios:

  •         Dominatrix
  •         Stranger Love
  •         Masseur
  •         Flight Attendant
  •         Boss/Employee
  •         Guest/Maid
  •         Fitness Instructor/Student
  •         Landlord/Tenant
  •         Best Friends
  •         Food Delivery
  •         Model
  •         Casting
  •         Cheating

No Go Areas

So far, we have been discussing all the things you can do through roleplay, be it with your partner or an escort from our site. However, there are quite a few no-go scenarios, especially if you are booking an escort, due to their nature:

  •         Rape – escorts want to be treated with respect and as any other woman. Engaging in rape scenarios is not something that most escorts will be able to do with you.
  •         Gangbang – yes, you can book an escort for a gangbang scenario with your friends, as long as she is aware in advance and does not involve actually hurting her. The price is likely to be double or equal to the number of people participating.
  •         Young child – there is a lot of stigma surrounding paedophilia, so no escorts will be able to satisfy such fantasies for you.
  •         Mommy/Daddy – due to same connotations as the above roleplay scenarios, most escorts won’t pretend to engage in unlawful sex relationships.
  •         Violence – escorts are professionals that meet different men daily, so their bodies are sacred. No escort will accept to get beaten to satisfy a sexual fantasy or roleplay scenario.

Bar the above areas, a Maltese escort could satisfy pretty much every other roleplay fantasy that you have. Explore our site for the services that each girl offers and if you know what you are after, discuss with us in advance to inform you about any necessary equipment or other details that must be arranged beforehand.