How to become an escort girl in Malta - all the secrets of working as an escort

How to become an escort girl in Malta - all the secrets of working as an escort

The future escort girl has probably heard about the fabulous fees, about the gifts left by their clients. A lot of girls enjoy success in Malta by providing escort services. But we all know that before she can get and achieve something, she will have to start from a cheap to an elite and professional escort girl. Maltese escort girls who provide escort services most often come on their own. And if earlier a pimp or a special agency was needed to work as an escort, now many become independent and are looking for clients on their own in social networks. Usually, girls have a lot of reasons for this, an expensive beautiful life, easy earnings and the attention of rich clients. And there are situations when a girl can't cope financially with all the difficulties and therefore resorts to work as a call girl.

From where should you start working as an escort

On the Internet, high-paying jobs for escort girls are offered everywhere. But there is no need to rush to an agreement. We have compiled a list that will help you if you have no experience in escort services. You need to decide whether you are more interested in an escort agency or to be independent from the agency. Usually, work in escort services begins by two criteria, these are age and citizenship. You also need to understand in which countries you have a visa-free regime, and in which you do not. Well, age is the most important criterion, it should not be underestimated, because sooner or later everyone will find out the truth anyway. Photos-a professional photo shoot is very important for every Maltese escort girl. Do not skimp on photos. The more professional they look, the more chances of a successful tour you have.

Standard and additional services in Malta

The service is usually divided into two categories. Classic and optional. The classic service is the list of services that is included in your hourly services. And additional ones are already these which are not included in your classic services. Please note that due to additional services, you have the opportunity to earn much more. In different countries, the classic service may be different, and the prices may also be different. Therefore, before setting any price or list of escort services, carefully study everything so that there are no misunderstandings later.

Requirements to become an escort lady

The principal wish when the Maltese girl apply for a job is the desire to work. The important things as I told you upper are beauty and age. Also, the following requirements are imposed on girls:

1) Smiling escort girl
2) She should have a sense of tact.
3) Attractiveness.

How to prepare to work as an escort girl in Malta

Of course, you will need to start with the appearance. Hair style, manicure, pedicure, cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening, gym work, diets. An escort girl should look flawless. You will need to get used to taking care of yourself and investing in your appearance. With the new salary, escort girls will be able to purchase branded outfits and afford professional salons with procedures on a regular basis. After you finish with the appearance, you need to prepare a portfolio with professional photos. And you can start.

How to become the best in the field of escort services in Malta

Linking their lives with the field of escort, future escort girls initially think about how to become the best in the field of escort, how to get demand among men and be able to keep it for a long time. Of course, the level of income of an escort girl will depend on the number of customers. We will reveal a couple of secrets that will help you in this:

You should always keep your figure in good shape

Improve your knowledge of foreign languages

Go to beauty salons to maintain a beautiful face tone

Watch your speech and demeanor

Do not ask customers unnecessary questions

Be interested in life and read a lot about the influential men of the country

To become the best escort lady and find demand, you do not need to try a lot. It is enough just to comply with these small requirements and always monitor your external data. The demand in the field of leisure cannot be accumulated for several months, you need to work here for six months, show yourself only from the best side. Just visit our escort website, fill out questionnaires, get a big financial profit and live a secure and rich life without restrictions.

The rules that escort girls should follow in Malta

The rules are the same and simple for everyone:

1) You cannot be photographed. In general, it’s better to not to take out the phone if you don't really need it. The worst thing that can happen is to ask someone to take a picture of you.
2) Escort girls should not come to meetings unkempt. For example, with an unwashed head or without a manicure, dressed in something sporty. It is necessary to behave normally, not to pretend to be someone you are not.
3) Another very important thing. If you do not know the blacklist, then you should not rush to go. If you work by yourself, it is important that at least one friend knows where you are going, and the client knows that someone knows.

Love between call girls and clients

The escort girl treats intimacy as a job - it's pure mechanics. They usually know what needs to be done and do not spread any special emotions. Many escort girls are afraid that after working as an escort they will not be able to have sex with their young man, but those who have left work, everything is fine with everyone, because sex with a loved one and sex with a client are completely different things. On this occasion, you should not be afraid. There are cases when call girls marry clients. Of course, these are rare cases, it all depends on the people. Most escort girls still prefer to get married and start a family not with a client, but with a man who will not know about their past. In the representation of escort girls, marriage is when you are on equal terms. They think that everything should start beautifully. There must be some kind of hygiene of relationships, it is absolutely not necessary to talk about such things.
There are escort girls who combine their work and relationships. But not everyone succeeds, this requires a trick. 

There are moments when an escort girl thinks "What a man, what a charm." And at that moment, she feels kind of ashamed. She presents how great it would be to meet him in other circumstances, when you can show him what you are in life: that escort girls can also be ordinary girls, modest, worthy. Not all escort girls during their work can have other relationships on the side. But there are call girls who manage to combine. It is very difficult to imagine how you can live with a person, love him and be an escort. It will seem to everyone a strange kind of relationship. To live with a man, anyone who knows her own worth must respect him, and if an escort lady sells herself, this is out of the question. The escort girl is absolutely not a romantic girl, she is a cynic. They are not ready to sign up for a questionable relationship. They work as an escort, they are professionals, and they value freedom and their earnings. Call girl is ready to give it all up for the sake of a man who will really love her and did not choose her out of five.

Let's talk about the ending career of an escort girl

The question of when to finish worries absolutely all escort girls. We advise you to first formulate a goal, then understand why you are doing it, then set a task and a deadline, and then evaluate with what costs you are ready to get the result.
Initially, escort girls come to solve their financial problem. But usually, escort girls get used to this kind of work, they like to earn as much as they earn and don't particularly want to leave. When you work only for yourself, you always have a choice. When you work with a manager, you work for him. Therefore, it is also impossible to substitute him. The choice is yours. But before you leave, you should think carefully about everything. One example, it happens that you had a good time sitting with him, talking, and at the time of transferring money, especially if he is your age, it becomes awkward. In front of some men, you are ashamed. Then you should think about if you need to continue with this job.

About the shame of working as an escort girl

Do you think an escort girl is ashamed to talk about her profession? As statistics have shown, an escort girl is ashamed especially in front of her parents. They are constantly on alert. And if someone finds out? Every escort girl is afraid that when she is ashamed and in front of herself, she will be disgusted with herself. You just need to not get into such stories where you will need to step over yourself. Call girls can be ashamed in front of the customers. It happens that for a beautifully spent time, it's even awkward for you to take money, but the client gives it to you. And you understand that you can't refuse because it's your job. But as one escort girl said, there are much more shameful things in life than an escort. It's a shame to steal money, it's a shame to deceive people, and when you work for yourself, you do it honestly, bring joy to people in the end - there's nothing wrong with that. Who now does not dream of gaining independence and financial independence? All this is possible for you in the very near future. Of course, some escort girls may have doubts about such work due to the prejudices living among society. But still, it's worth thinking about because you will have a very decent income.
And let others continue to talk and believe in their own beliefs, meanwhile, not limited by social boundaries, brave young girls will create their own destiny at their own discretion and to the envy of others. 

This style of work is safe and well organized, will bring you very good income, which you have been waiting for so long time. On our escort website, you can quickly find a job, besides, you don't need anything supernatural to search for it, everything is very simple. Everything is described on our website, as well as everything is provided for you to make it easier for you to register and start to work. Times go by, nothing stands still, the escort job opens up from positive sides. This kind of opportunity for escort girls is, in addition to a lot of earnings, also a convenient schedule, very often call girls build it for themselves at their own discretion. I guess, this is an important plus for a call girl, she can choose any time she wants and do not depend on a work schedule. The income that this work will bring, for girls, can give odds to many. If a girl is looking for a job that can bring a lot of money, then this is what you need. In general, what we want to say is if you need a big income, then you are on the right escort website. Just make sure to study everything in advance, so that later you do not have the desire to leave right away. After all, escort work is not for everyone. For this type of work, Maltese escort ladies need to have a strong character and willpower.