Criteria that Define the Price of an Escort

Criteria that Define the Price of an Escort

You have probably wondered several times and done internet searches or research by asking friends or acquaintances about how much an escort costs.

You may have already formed an opinion on the price range for sex with a call girl. But do you know the exact differences and what criteria make up this difference?

Prices and main criteria

First, we will analyze the price range and how these amounts come about. A session with a sex professional costs on average from $100 - $500. Obviously, you can find both lower and higher prices. The main criteria that define the price differences are:

  •         The country of origin of the escort
  •         Their body type (including her height)
  •         Whether she has an elegant face and features
  •         Breast size
  •         If she belongs to the porn industry it affects equally
  •         Intelligence and academic background

Differences between escorts and prostitutes

An escort has a different style, behavior and lifestyle from prostitutes in a brothel or a prostitute working outdoors (known as a "sidewalk").

On the one hand due to appearance, on the other hand she does not use substances and is not a victim of promotions. In many cases, call girls are smart and educated, graduates of high schools, etc.

All of this, of course, ranks call girls at a high level and because of this, their prices are different from other sex workers who offer services in brothels or "sidewalks".

The above are also one of the main reasons that lead to many people hiring escorts for a date, to attend a night out or event and so on. People can even higher escorts based on their background in terms of education and general knowledge, instead of just judging based on their appearance. The rates there will obviously be higher.

Tour escorts models

As for the models who tour all over the world as international escorts, you should know that their prices go up a lot, starting from $400 - $1000 for one night and reaching $2,000 for two days where you will enjoy and as a companion.

After all, how far is the price in relation to the quality you will have?

A tall, blonde Russian woman, with blue eyes, slender body and a very beautiful face at the price of $120 or $150, does not mean that she will be what you were looking for in sex.

After all, appearance does not always count, because in sex a huge factor is the chemistry and the taste of each client.

On the contrary, a stocky European woman, brunette, petite, with a slim waist and a sexless face, at the price of $110 can prove to be a better choice for you.

The same can happen for a case of a call girl with the characteristics of a girl next door, with curves, not something special in beauty but with a very intense and sexual personality that you can find at $100.

So, when asked how much a call girl costs and if you pay more you will have the best… you understand that the answer cannot be specific.

5 Other factors that affect the rates of escorts

We have discussed the quality and price in relation to escort rates and what choosing a more expensive girl could mean for you, but there are many more elements that play a role in the rates of escorts. Below, we will discuss some other areas, which you might have never even considered, outside the basic prize setters that we touched upon above:

  •         New Girls – you might often spot a very attractive young woman, which seems naughty but nice, a bit inexperienced but very sexy – that has a rather low rate per hour. In such instances, it is very likely that you've fallen upon an escort that just embarked on her career. Keep in mind that new girls might be cheaper and mystifying, but they are likely to lack in terms of experience.
  •         Charming Girls – the looks are very important when it comes to price setting, but nothing beats the charm. Some girls are just irresistible, and most men can tell just by looking in a few of their professional photos. If you saw it, it is likely that other customers have seen it too, which would make the particular type of girls being very busy and in demand. Thus, her price rate will also be higher.
  •         Location – one often overlooked factor when picking an escort is the location that you are at. The same girl who could work in Amsterdam for $500 in two hours would not be able to charge over $50 in Bangkok or other Asian countries.
  •         Healthcare – you might be searching for an escort to satisfy your urges, but you would never want to have an escort that carries STDs, right? For girls to be able to work in this sector, they must constantly undergo STD checks, which are very expensive. This is one area that every client should consider when criticizing the rates of an escort!
  •         Added services – besides dating or spending the whole night with an escort, there are a few other areas that could quickly result to increasing rates. For instance, anal sex, massage, sex show, BDSM etc. are all perks that come with an added cost. Some girls might not engage in such activities, so you might want to search in a more specific way beforehand. 

In conclusion

The price does not guarantee that you will have a good time. The girl is the defining element.

No one can guarantee that the $150 or $500 girl will fully meet your expectations. It clearly concerns your personal taste and preference and whether the call girl has the ability to make you take off.

You will also be able to find "diamonds" at low prices, just as easily as you can find "diamonds" at fairly high prices.

Your standards in your final choice, as well as whether the call girl "has it", will shape the price-quality ratio - individually, based on what you like and not based on the set price. Still, this article must have shown you how many elements play into the rates that escorts set across the world.