A Guide to Escorts in Malta: Testimonials & Dating Tips

A Guide to Escorts in Malta: Testimonials & Dating Tips

Being an Escort comes with its pros and cons. Women without any particular background can make a good living, while also having memorable experiences. The above are just a few of the reasons that contribute to a woman's decision into becoming an escort.

Clients, on the other hand, must also be respectful and know how to act when booking an escort date in Malta, so that both parties get what they want out of it, without any harm or trauma.

In this piece, we will present both sides of call girl dating, before offering some tips to guide you on your future endeavors.

Reasons to Book an Escort

Although booking an Escort might only seem the result of an urge to have sex, men tend to do it for various reasons. Some guys want to attend an event with a beautiful partner, others want to present a "girlfriend" to their peers, while some want to spice up things in a bachelor party. Several men want to have sex with a very attractive woman, spend some hours with an interesting person or engage in role play and fantasies that they cannot satisfy with their partners.

A man can feel the need to book an escort for various reasons, and that's fine by all means; at least as long as you do it in a place where it is legal, like Malta, and through websites that offer professional services, like the one you are on at the minute.

Worst Escort Dates Reported

However, to get what you want while keeping a civil discourse, it is important to also take into account the perspective of the escort, not just what satisfies you. We could report numerous bad dates from the side of Escorts, but we instead located three anonymous Reddit reports to illustrate things that you should avoid at all costs.

Testimonial Number 1

One anonymous escort discusses how lucky she was about working for a very strict agency, which screened all clients carefully. Throughout her 20 years career, she mentions 0 negative incidents, except the following casual boring mishaps:

  •         Boring Clients – she insists that the hardest part is to spend a whole night with a man who barely talks or sparks some discussion.
  •         Boring Sex – another very negative experience involved her doing all the work for someone just sitting there and requesting mundane sex positions.
  •         Unattractive – although this is something that cannot be avoided, this professional escort complaint a lot about having to sleep with men that were really ugly.
  •         Violent – that’s one very important area, as many men tend to be violent during sex. This escort highlighted how much she disliked that and suffered due to its occurrence.

Testimonial Number 2

A gal who also worked for a very good service mentioned an experience that she had with a fat guy as the most awkward and discussing of her carrier. The guy, after licking her feet, butt and smelling her whole body, took a dumb on the floor and asked her to rub it across her body. After refusing, he did the same on himself, while masturbating.

The escort got paid normally and left afterwards, while feeling very distressed for not being aware beforehand.

Testimonial Number 3

An escort, who was also a mother of a seven year old child, had a very good regular client for years, who invited her over to a bachelor. As she couldn't leave her son alone, the client suggested to bring him along, which took a lot of persuasion.

After booking a room for her and her son, the client would only spend a few hours with her per day, along with his friends, without any sex being involved. The last day, the big party took place, where she had some nice sex with three men, until the son entered the room and witnessed all that. The client would not let her leave the room or the hotel, until she spent many more hours with them.

That's one of the experiences that started as a perfect escort gateway, but ended up as one of the most traumatic experience of her career.

7 Tips to Dating an Escort

The above are just the tip of the iceberg, and things that you should try to avoid if you plan on booking an escort. To help you have fun and also remain respectful to your date, we share some tips for you below:

  1. Prepare some points of discussion prior to your date, so that you keep things interesting throughout.
  2. Don't drink a lot during or prior to your date, so that you are aware of your actions and when you should stop.
  3. Treat the call girl in the exact same way that you would treat a woman in your first date. Respect her, make her feel comfortable and request things in a polite manner.
  4. Don't ever use force unless you have discussed it beforehand.
  5. Inform your escort date about the things that you have in mind, prior to your date.
  6. Don't hide any fetishes that you are planning to unpack during sex, as they might not be comfortable with them.
  7. Pay them the agreed amount before the date, while stopping if they ask you to stop during any point.

Booking an Escort in Malta

Right. This piece has tried to navigate the dating experiences of both clients and escorts, in an objective manner. You will get the most out of this experience if you follow our tips and remember to be respectful. If you feel ready to experience a unique date with an interesting and attractive woman, our site is the place to be.

You can navigate freely and find the girls that you like, from pretty much any country and body type, offering services from a range of prices. If you have any particular requests, our girls are more than happy to discuss them with you and even cater to bachelor parties to help you celebrate in the best possible way!