8 Etiquette Rules When Using an Escort

8 Etiquette Rules When Using an Escort

There are numerous reasons that one would end up booking an escort for a night out or in. Most men have gone to a strip club, had an escort in a bachelor party, been to a brothel or had sex with a prostitute at some point of their lives.

Indifferently to which activity you engage in, it is important that you respect the other person, even if it is the craziest night of your life that you are embarking on. To that end, I pilled up a guidebook with the paramount rules that you must follow when dating an escort.

1.   Don't be indifferent

It doesn't matter if it is a normal date or whether you booked an escort, you must act in the same way. Would you ever go on a date with rusty clothes, dirty or with long nails? Consider these factors prior to your escort date in the exact fashion.

Your escort date could go terribly wrong if you go to meet the girl and you stink or look bad. At the end of the day, if you look at your best and show that you took the time to manage your appearance, she will treat you better. Further, she is very likely to want to meet you again in the future.

2.   Be chatty

Yes, you have paid the girl and you will end up having sex. However, the average time that sex lasts is roughly 5 minutes, so the other 55 minutes you will probably have to talk with each other. My personal advice is that you spend the first 30 minutes talking with the escort, as an ice breaker, offering a drink and try to learn more about them.

By first setting the mood, the second half an hour is much more likely to end up being pleasurable. If you are not really an extrovert and struggle to talk with others, then don't worry either. Escorts are professionals that feel comfortable around strangers, so just prepare a few questions to urge the call girl to talk about themselves.

3.   Don't get personal

You might have noticed that most escorts use a fake name and generally don't like talking about their personal lives. Being chatty is one thing, but you should not go as far as asking very personal details about them.

Some of the reasons that justify my above argument are that the girl might be from another country that escorts are illegal, her family might not be aware of their job, or she might just be trying to stay away from clients that get obsessive with them and stalk them. Let them set the tone of the conversation if you ask me.

4.   Answer her questions

Building up from the previous point, it is fair for the escort to be able to ask a few personal questions about yourself, so that she can assess the situation. Yes, escorts visit houses of strangers for a living, but it wouldn't hurt you answering their questions about your condition so that they feel safe with you.

If you refuse to answer their questions, the date is very likely to turn awkward.

5.   Be honest about your expectations from escorts in Malta

After the initial ice breaker, you must be prepared to list the things that you expect from her. It is rather unfair that you ask for extras during sex or requiring the girl to stay with you for another hour. Escorts are quite busy and not always have sex with their clients.

So, search correctly for the right escort for you, by reading in detail the services that they offer. Then, when they come at your place, detail what you expect from them, so that they can inform you about the time you need and how much it will cost.

6.   Don't drink before your escort date

If it is your first date with an escort, it is likely that you will feel nervous. During the initial contact with the escort, you could have one or two drinks with her, but don't drink beforehand to feel relaxed.

If you have a planned night out and then meeting an escort, it is best to inform the girl prior to booking her. If she is aware, then there is unlikely to cause a problem. At the end of the day, you don't want to book a Maltese escort and just be passive as she is doing her thing!

7.   Be prepared to pay

Escorts always get paid upfront for their services, so the price and rates must be agreed prior to the meeting. When you first meet the girl, give her the exact amount you discussed. Ideally, you don't want to giver her change and you should offer her some space to check if the amount is correct.

My personal tip is to let her count the money in front of you, so that you avoid any misunderstanding.

8.   Treat her with respect

Okay, you booked an escort, you paid her, and you got to know her a bit prior to having fun together. It is normal that some things will not go as planned, with a few slips here and there. The final and most important rule is to always respect the escort, both prior and during sex. This way, she will be alright if you make her feel uncomfortable at some point.

Bonus tip to dating Maltese escorts

The above are the eight rules that most escorts complain about, gathered for you in this blog. One extra note is to not expect anything more than what you have paid for.

Romance might be there within your set escort date, as the girls are professionals, but this doesn't mean that she will be willing to give you her phone or date you outside of her working hours. Never book an escort expecting something more than what she offers within her services.

Don't rush to experience Maltese escorts, take your time and come to it prepared! This way your escort date night will run smoothly.