6 Reasons that Men Prefer Escorts to Dating

6 Reasons that Men Prefer Escorts to Dating

You often hear women saying that there are no men around today and they struggle to find a dating partner or someone to marry. On the other hand, you must know a bunch of single men that remain single for most of their lives.

Times have changed, it is true. 40 years ago, almost all men would end up getting married for love or otherwise, while women were destined for mothers and housewives only. Today, both sexes are allowed, and not stigmatized, to have casual sex with one or more partners and being single after your 50s carries no stigma. Who is benefiting more from this cultural shift and where do escorts come into play?

Relationship Goals Across Sexes

During their 20s and 30s, both men and women tend to focus on their careers, exploration in their sex lives and partying. However, procreation is a central aspect of womanhood, with the biological clock often ringing when women enter their 30s.

It doesn't really matter how far we progress as a society, women are generally more emotional and into people, while men tend to be more career driven and independent. These traits usually manifest at one point or another, and the freedom that our society offers results into tensions between the sexes at the age groups 30 – 40 and 40 – 50.

Women want to have kids, as they cannot delay it indefinitely, while men struggle to leave their lifestyle behind and enter marriage. To be clear, many men and women fall outside the above stereotypes, which has led to an increasing demand for escorts.

The below 6 areas are the most common excuses for men to prefer escorts over real dating and long-term relationships in the current era.

Dating time and marriage

Dating is a process that requires effort, commitment, and time. Setting up the first date and going out for a drink with a girl you have recently met is the easiest part. Replying to text messages, keeping up the spark, finding interesting things to discuss and to maintain the intimacy is a full-time job.

Further, all the above, if they work out well, can end up in a long-term relationship – which will eventually lead to building a family and marrying. The above are very personal things, which might not be part of a man’s lifegoals.

Dating Apps and Services

Tinder, Bumble and other dating apps are used by most people today, indifferently to their age group. These apps operate in a similar fashion to our website, where individuals provide their personal photographs, a bit of background and things that they like to do. The difference with escorts is that they won’t decline an invitation and they will require a fee, which is pretty essential in most apps too.

This shift of how dating works is something that many men despise, finding it vulgar and time-consuming. Some people swipe across profiles for hours, chatting for days etc. to just set up a date, which might as well turn out to be a disaster. Escorts often appear as a superior choice to dating apps for many men due to the above reasons and more.


Although many people consider booking an escort as an expensive hobby, dating and building a family is much more expensive. On average, booking a Maltese escort will cost you $100 - $200 for some hours per week. A single date will cost you the same amount of money, not to mention the general expenses that come with having a family.


Many men use dating apps similarly to the way they would book an escort. They scroll until they find a woman that seems easy to sleep with, take them on a date and then disappear. Statistics actually show that one-night stands are the predominant reason that men employ dating apps.

However, no man wants to hurt another woman, while it is very common that you will need to promise more than a single night to manage to sleep with a person that you barely know. Thus, feelings are often hurt or develop over several casual nights with the same person; when a man might not look forward to a monogamous relationship. Such misfortunes can easily be avoided by booking an escort instead.

Variety of Options

Dating apps might seem like they offer a lot of variety, but you will only get the chance to date a few women, not whatever type you fancy each time. Same is true for those meeting girls in their local bar, gym or work. You will only ever get to experience a certain range of woman types.

Escorts, on the other hand, allow you to choose from every body-type, country of origin, background, facial characteristics etc. For most men, this element alone is a huge plus for using escort services.

Sex when you want it

How many times have you feel obliged to go out or meet a woman when you just felt like spending some time with friends or alone? Likewise, how many times did you wank although you fancied some sex?

Both of the above problems can be solved if you date escorts instead of the girl next door.

Booking Maltese Escorts Online

If you are a woman reading this article, I hope that I offered some of the main reasons that would motivate a man to date an escort instead of engaging with the dating scene.

On the other hand, if you are a man looking for a justification for your live choices, I have hopefully offered some. On top of that, our site is the best place to find Escorts for a night out, sex, roleplay or anything you might fancy. Scroll through this website and find the girl of your dreams, what services they can offer you and more. Things you should consider before booking a date with a Maltese escort include:

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